Earn one point for every eligible dollar spent. Points accumulate monthly, from the first day of the month to the last.  Those points convert to a Digital Wallet Credit starting on the first day of the next month.*  Wallet Credits will be awarded based on points earned:


If not enough points are earned in the month to be awarded a Wallet Credit, the left-over points balance will remain in your account and be added to the next month.  Wallet Credits will expire after 3 months if not used.

More Details about our Program:

You don’t need the McKinnon’s App to redeem points
– In-lane redemptions are possible without prior points lookup, and your current points balance will be on your receipt
– You just need your Rewards # or the phone number for your account
– Redeem all or only part of your Rewards points in a visit/transaction, up to $25.

Digital coupons from Coupons.com available in account
-Add coupons to your account via our App, and they will apply automatically at the register!

“Digital Wallet” function which keeps balances of your Rewards
-Points automatically convert to Digital Wallet Credits at the end of every month.

Two phone numbers can be used for 1 account
-Two family members can earn and redeem points in the same account

Simpler point conversion
-$1=1 Reward point (on eligible purchases)

Emails from Us
-We use your email address to give you special offer opportunities, highlight specials from our weekly flyer, and send updates on your McKinnon’s Rewards account and other valuable information. We will not overwhelm your inbox, or share you personal information.

More frequent, Rewards Exclusive promotions coming!!
  Thank you for your patronage and we hope to see you soon at McKinnon’s!
Please feel free to contact us here with any questions or problems signing up or signing in!

*Wallet Credits cannot be used to purchase gift cards.  Wallet Credits have no cash value.
Points are not earned on purchases of beer, wine, lottery, gift cards, postage, sushi, tobacco, taxes, deposits, catering or wholesale orders. Rewards Program subject to change without notice.

At our Wilmington Location, see the Courtesy Booth to redeem Wallet Credits.

App Error Message:  If you are receiving an error message from our App that says “Cannot Connect to Server” the most common cause is that we have your email address in our system with no password.
You can Set or Re-Set your password here: Password Set / Re-Set
Once you Set or Re-Set your password, you should then be able to login to our App with your email and that new password!