Ship-To-Order from McKinnon's

McKinnon's offers both our Marinated Steak Tips and our famous bottled Original or our Cowboy Marinade and Steak Sauce for sale.

Marinated Sirloin Tips

Online Pricing - 10 lb. Minimum

Original $16.99 / lb - The original and our #1 Seller!
Texas $16.99 / lb - Smoky, barbeque marinade
Teriyaki $16.99 / lb - Tender, teriyaki taste
Cowboy $16.99 / lb - Savory steakhouse sauce
Bourbon $16.99 lb - A classic

(Prices may change with out notice due to market conditions)

Shipping - For Sirloin Tips

  • Shipping Charges based on UPS rates (20 lb maximum per case)
  • Product is shipped via the UPS service that will arrive at destination in 1 day.
  • Other items quoted upon request.

PLEASE NOTE: During this Pandemic UPS is no longer guaranteeing
delivery days or times. We will not offer any refunds if product
arrives late and unusable.

Packaging - For Sirloin Tips

  • All products will be shipped frozen in Styrofoam coolers with freezer gel packs. ($15.00 per case)
  • All packages are random weight (+/- .5 lb.)
  • Orders must be placed in 2 pound increments.


Original or Cowboy Bottled Marinade

$5.99 / 12 oz bottle. + Shipping via USPS Flat Rate Shipping.
(6 Bottles can fit in a Medium Shipping Box...Current Rate $14.35)


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